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A touch of summer. Radish salad with goat cheese and black salt.

I know! It’s autumn out there.. and most of you would like to see hearty, meaty dishes with lots of roastedĀ vegetables.. When I think “autumn and hearty” I always imagine stew and potatoes! Or that’s because I love potatoes! šŸ˜€ You know, in Russian potato is ‘kartoshka’, and we consume it a lot. But today’s hero is a fresh salad!Radish salad with goat cheese, black salt and sesame seeds

Ā TheĀ temperatureĀ in Dubai slowly but steady going down.. I was pretending again that it’s kinda autumn while did my shopping, and was looking forĀ pumpkinĀ and beets, when stumble upon beautiful radishes! They literally told me – buy us, eat us! šŸ˜€ Certainly, I had to buy them!Ā Beautiful radishes

I love simple salads, when you can cut cucumbers and radishes, dress it with sour cream or olive oil, season with sea salt, and that’s it! This salad is one of such variations, but with a small twist – pungent goat cheese, fancy black salt and crunchy sesame seeds! Oh, they work super here! The salad looks so bright andĀ cheerful, that I bet you want it right now! šŸ˜‰ I hope you can get fresh radishes and make it.. Otherwise, welcome to the UAE, the country of eternal sun!

Ingredients for one person
Radishes 5-6, or as many as you like
Cucumber 1
Cherry tomatoes 4-5
Goat cheese 1-2 Tbsp
Coriander or parsley 2-3 Tbsp,Ā chopped
Chives 1 Tbsp, chopped
Sesame seeds 1-2 tsp, roasted
Walnuts 1 Tbsp, roasted and chopped
Black salt and pepper, to taste
Extra virgin olive oil 1 Tbsp
Balsamic vinegar or cream 1 tsp
Thinly slice radishes and cucumbers. Cut tomatoes into haves. Put all vegetables in a serving bowl, add all remainingĀ ingredients.
Radish salad

And again easy and tasty

Ā Ā  Hi! I’m here again. Busy days, beach and sun. And diet or a sort of that. Was cooking in steamer – chicken, someĀ veggies, have made pasta with mushrooms and cheesy sauce – nothing special. And the salad with fresh and thinly sliced cabbage, carrots and rawĀ beetroot. Guess how do we call such salad in Russia? (answer will be in next post).

Ā Ā  Almost forgot to say – I’ve baked 2 chocolate cakes!! Yahoo! Hope I’ll make them onceĀ againĀ and take not only phone’s pics. You can follow me on twitter –Ā twitter.com/milkandbunĀ  and find some others pics there šŸ™‚

Ā And for a while greet the salad with figs and rucola leaves!
Ā Rucola has so many names… aragula/arugula, rugula, rocket…Ā 
Ā  So take a plate and washed arugulaĀ leaves.
Sprinkle arugula with mix of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, 1-2Ā tspĀ dejon mustard.
Ā  Cut figs, radishes and put them over arugula leaves. Add feta cheese, pine nuts and pancetta (it’s Italian bacon and I adore it! It isn’tĀ necessary but of course more tasty). You canĀ substituteĀ it withĀ baconĀ cutted into pieces.Ā 
Enjoy! šŸ™‚