Crepe Cake with custard creme

 Yes-yes! It’s blini again! I was eating lots of crepes last two weeks, seems I need to stop. 😀 But this is the whole cake! Believe me, you need to try it once to be obsessed forever! 😉 Just few days back I was watching one video and Russian confectioner made sweet blini-cake, it was a sign to make it and of course to try new recipe of blini. It turned out to be easy to make, but get ready to prepare a lots of blini! Despite the fact that I used too wide pan and the stack wasn’t high as much as I wanted, blini turned out thin, tender and very tasty.Blini Cake with custard cream

 I decided to make custard cream (the confectioner made another cream), which is not very sweet and buttery. The quantity of the cream was more than enough for my cake, so I spread it on each crepe and put the cake in the fridge to set. Impatiently, I sliced into the cake, bite it and was surprised, the crepes absorbed almost all the cream. There was only the one way out – to eat it with sweet condensed milk on side. 😀 So, next time I will make double quantity of the cream.Crepe Cake

Crepe Cake with custard creme

  • Servings: 6-8
  • Difficulty: easy
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Before assembling the cake, allow the crepes and cream to cool completely.
The crepe-cake tastes also good on the second day and can be a tasty breakfast, if you manage to save a slice that long!
Thin Blini (crepes)
300g flour- sift in a bowl
1 tsp/5g salt
500ml milk
5 eggs, beaten
120ml water
70g butter, melted
Custard cream 
500ml milk, full fat
4 egg yolks
100g fine sugar
40g cornmeal
1 vanilla bean or 1 tsp extract
In a small bowl whisk together sugar and yolks until the mixture is pale. Add cornmeal while continuing to gently whisk the mixture.
In a pan bring milk with vanilla bean to a boil while constantly stirring and taking care not to burn it.
Gradually pour half of the hot milk into the egg mixture  while continuing to stir. Pour egg mixture into the pan with the other half of milk, continuously stir. Continue cooking and stirring to the point of the mixture becoming thick and custard forming – about 10 minutes.
Cool the custard completely.


  1. Shari says:

    What a beautiful crepe cake! Such stunning photos I feel like I could reach out and take a bite. Sadly, I couldn’t!:) I have never even made crepes before. I admire your talent! Thanks for sharing your creation.

    • milkandbun says:

      Thank you so much for your warm and lovely comment, Shari! Crepes/blini aren’t that difficult to prepare as may they look. After 20th crepe you can make it easily! 😉

  2. gourmet.gourmand says:

    This is so gorgeous!! I’m definitely inspired to try making a crepe cake after this. Looks so pretty with the berries on top 🙂

  3. trixpin says:

    Every recipe you post just has me drooling over delicious ingredients and beautiful photos! What patience, though, to make all of those crêpes! You definitely deserved to dig in after all that work 🙂

  4. Danielle | Krafted Koch says:

    My Oma used to make a crepe cake with chocolate that I loved. This custard creme version looks amazing and I will have to give it a try!

  5. That looks absolutely wonderful & I love the berries on top. I not positive but I don’t think you can ever eat ‘too many’ crepes. That is something I could eat every day & still be happy to see it again.

  6. goodyblogger says:

    A friend of mine once told me a story where they had a couple over for dinner instructed to bring dessert. They turned up with a tub of nutella, which was turned into a spontaneous cake using layers of crepes just like your dessert here! I’ve always thought of trying it but never manage to not eat all the pancakes first haha

  7. MyKabulKitchen says:

    OMG you made this?! Amazing, I want to eat the screen! Lol looks divine, I have recently been introduced to Crepe Cakes, but could never imagine making it at home, job well done 🙂

  8. Amanda says:

    I wonder if you mean “corn starch” instead of “corn meal” in the custard cream recipe. Corn meal seems like it would make the custard gritty and in the photos it looks smooth and creamy.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes! I made your recipe for Kulebyaka for a potluck with friends. It was beautiful and delicious! Fortunately I made extra crepes — it was challenging to get perfect ones for the Kulebyaka but my family enjoyed eating the mistakes.

    I look forward to trying this recipe and hopefully improving my crepe-making technique.

    • milkandbun says:

      Hello Amanda. So sorry for the late reply, but yes- I mean corn starch, actually its called corn meal here (as far I remember whats written on the box).
      And I can’t even describe how happy I am to read that you not only prepared but also all your friends enjoyed Kulebyaka. I know it’s not very easy to make it but the result is definitely worth all the hard work…​ Thanks so much for the feedback!

    • milkandbun says:

      I’d like also to add that crepes absorbed almost all cream, so maybe you can make more cream -to spread more between crepes, or to serve extra on the side. 🙂

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