Radish-Cucumber salad

 Many of you already greeted the autumn season and began to bake various apple pies and cook hearty dishes. Autumn signs have been also trickling into Dubai, but slowly and it is still summer-like days here with plenty of strong sunshine during the day-time. Mornings and days, though still warm and sunny as usual, have been followed by lovely and cool evenings. Despite of all hot days, it’s a big advantage of living near the Gulf: we can enjoy the sea and sand any time over the year long. That’s what we did one afternoon – went to a beach. But before the joy of swimming in the sea, I prepared a very simple, light and fresh, and crunchy salad. It needs only few ingredients including beautiful radishes, which I found at local supermarket and just couldn’t resist picking up a huge bunch.Radishes-Cucumbers-Spring Onion

As you can see, the recipe is V-E-R-Y simple: all you need is lovefresh sliced cucumbers and bright radishes, chopped spring onions, some seasoning and sour cream!

Radish-Cucumber salad

 I like this salad. It reminds me summer holidays: staying at parents house, fun of gardening and eating lots of fresh veggies and berries. And for that reason I decided to mix up vegetable slices with traditional Russian dressing – sour cream, instead of olive oil. Simple and well-loved. Be generous with spring onion!  You may also add some chopped dill, if you wish.
Radish-Cucumber salad (with sour cream dressing)
 Don’t be sad if the summer is over in your place, I will post autumn recipes soon {more pie recipes are on the way..} Thanks for reading and Stay turned! 🙂


  1. lindaravello says:

    Eeek! Can’t believe that you have just posted this – I have had a salad of radish, cucumber and spring onion tis evening – but I dressed mine in mint infused olive oil and white balsamic instead of soured cream – great minds think alike they say x Gorgeous photos

    • milkandbun says:

      May be because UAE is a desert-country? 😀 There are some veggies, that are grown here: radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, also herbs and lettuces . But the most part of course imported. You can buy lots of various fruits and vegetables in local supermarkets. For example, you can get South African lemons, Moroccan peaches, Spanish plums, berries from US, tomatoes from Holland and etc.. 🙂

  2. alenawoo says:

    Yum your salad looks so refreshing and light. I was eyeing up a bunch of radishes at the farmers market the other day but wasn’t sure what I’d do with them, now I do =)

  3. Shari says:

    It is still very warm here, too. I love all the ingredients in this salad, and the sour cream as dressing. They all look so pretty together, and I would love the crunchiness of it.

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