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Happy Women’s Day!

 Today is ‘The International Women’s Day’ in Russia. It’s not widely celebrated in the world as far as I know but it’s similar to the Mother’s Day in Europe and North America. Traditionally men buy various gifts and flowers for close relatives like wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and also female colleagues. Flowers, such as tulips and mimosas, are associated with the upcoming spring and one of the popular gifts across the Russia along with perfume and chocolates.
 Meanwhile, it’s Fiesta Friday by Angie, which I enjoyed a lot last time and met so many lovely bloggers. And I’m bringing these beautiful flowers to you and FF. 
 I wish all ladies very bright day, many flowers around, happiness and joy! 😀

Forgiveness Sunday

 Today is the last day of Butterweek, which is called Forgiveness Sunday, when people ask each other for forgiveness.


Farewell to Butterweek is a traditional folk gathering, along with theatrical performances, sleighs’ sliding, games and amusements.

 A culmination of the festival is burning of an Idol made from straw and dressed as a woman, which is called Winter scarecrow and symbolized farewell to the winter and greeting the spring. 

масленица2  A straw-woman was burned in a field, beyond villages. Old stuff, clothes were burned also in fires, besides straw and firewoods. Nowadays it takes place in city/town squares, where all citizens are able to come.


Have a lovely weekend, guys! 😀


*painted pics I took from the net